Where pure mineral water tastes the best @engadinscuolzernez . . #engadinized #unitedbychrissports #lovetheride #girointhewild #suspensioncenter . . . : @jcadosch

October 8, 2021/by admin

Looking towards where I‘ll be snowboarding in a couple of weeks. . . #postcardview #biking #enduro #shred #mtb

September 25, 2021/by admin

Secure yourself one of only 50 freecarving boards of the „Nevin Galmarini Limited Edition“ that will go into production. First come – first serve! . Orders on . . . : @egelmairphotography

September 20, 2021/by admin

How cool are these colors? I don‘t know what I love more about the„Nevin Galmarini Limited Edition“: the stealthy 🥷 top sheet or the neon orange sidewalls ? . Go check if you wanna get one of 50 pieces that will be made of this. . . . : @egelmairphotography

September 16, 2021/by admin

Swipe 🏼 for the #magic @engadinscuolzernez . . . : @michael.sieber

September 13, 2021/by admin

You think I can‘t snowboard only because it‘s summer? #sorry . . . : @dariocaviezel

September 7, 2021/by admin

The king of @ironmanswitzerland . Congrats @janvberkel for another ironman win! It was an #inspiration to see you deliver the POWER 🏼

September 5, 2021/by admin

On fire to be back on snow ️! . @wf.winforce . . . +🏼: @swissstrengthcoach

August 30, 2021/by admin

Most posed picture ever haha 🤣 Who rides like this? . . Anyway, thanks for the fun shooting @ben_wiesenfarth_fotodesign 🏼 #purealpinetrails

August 26, 2021/by admin

This felt like the biggest achievement of my life! . . . Thanks Ueli for the push, execution, SAFETY, guiding and for the great time! This was physically and mentally out of my comfort zone.

August 21, 2021/by admin

T – 3 weeks 🤘🏽 . . . @snowboardalpineteam @oxesssnowsport @deeluxeboots @allflexplate @girosnow @swisscom @helvetia.schweiz @raiffeisen_ch @bkwag @skoda_switzerland @zaniergloves

August 17, 2021/by admin

Ils sont magnifiques les vacances 🐿 . . . #lovetheride #girointhewild #unitedbychrissports #suspensioncenter

August 13, 2021/by admin

Natural, technical and rough – welcome to @mtb_engadinsamnaunvalmuestair 🤘🏽 #purealpinetrails #lovetheride #unitedbychrissports #suspensioncenter #girointhewild . . . @ben_wiesenfarth_fotodesign

August 2, 2021/by admin

My favourite rainy 🌧 afternoon recovery activity in @bognengiadinascuol 🧖‍♂️ . My routine: 1. Suffer at least 15min in the Finnish sauna (let my mind come to rest) 2. Ice bath up to the neck for a couple of minutes (focus on calm and long in- and exhales) 3. Relax and enjoy the high (it really feels like high to me) -> Repeat . . . : @oceanagalmarini

August 1, 2021/by admin

#motivation Let‘s attack another training week 🤘🏽🏼

July 26, 2021/by admin

My brother‘s new gym in @engadinscuolzernez is the place to be 🏼🏼 #whoisstronger ?? . . . #origym #scuol #engadinized . : | @juliacebreros

July 15, 2021/by admin

Just a moment of happiness #purealpinetrails . . . : @jcadosch

July 14, 2021/by admin

Basically the same shot as my last post. Just different. But also fluffy. . @mtb_engadinsamnaunvalmuestair @engadinscuolzernez #purealpinetrails . . . #unitedbychrissports #lovetheride #engadinized #enduromtb #girointhewild . : @jcadosch

July 12, 2021/by admin

Fluffy . . @mtb_engadinsamnaunvalmuestair @engadinscuolzernez #purealpinetrails #engadinized #unitedbychrissports #lovetheride . . . : @jcadosch

July 10, 2021/by admin

. @engadinscuolzernez @belvedere_hotels_scuol @graubuenden . . : @juliacebreros |

July 4, 2021/by admin

ABSOLUT GEIL! @alaia.bay 🤙🏼

June 29, 2021/by admin

We were in the Engadin, my home valley, for a few wonderful days and told our family story to magazine. We stayed, dined, relaxed and also played at the @belvedere_hotels_scuol – simply fantastic. Check out the link in my Bio to get the full story! . . . @engadinscuolzernez @graubuenden #tadah #belvedere #scuol #engadin #engadinized . : @juliacebreros / Tadah

June 24, 2021/by admin

I have been riding this @rockymountainbicycles Altitude Rally Edition since two months now and today I felt confident enough to go for a @strava ride to test the bike in comparison to my last years Rocky Mountain Slayer Carbon 90. The feeling on the bike initially was quite similar as on the Slayer, specially when I ride it in the slackest position and with the long wheelbase option. Also the travel is quite similar with 170/160 (Altitude) and 170/170 (Slayer) and I even switched to a coil shock to make it more like the Slayer. Why? Because the Slayer was the best bike I‘ve ever had. Until today. I was significantly faster on the Altitude but still felt more in control. Mainly because the bike sticks to the ground like no other bike before. The grip seems to be endless – just when the trail gets flat I have to think about putting enough weight on the front wheel. This endless grip is, I guess, the result of the bike‘s geometry and the @suspensioncenter fork and shock tuning together. Anyway, this bike is a confidence booster! . #unitedbychrissports #lovetheride

June 19, 2021/by admin

Magic 🧡 . . . : @michael.sieber

June 18, 2021/by admin
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