#Repost ・・・ Der @girocycling Ventana Schuh wurde entwickelt und entworfen um den Anforderungen von All-Mountain-Abenteuern und Trail-Riding gerecht zu werden, wenn Komfort und Selbstvertrauen auf dem Bike und im Gelände unerlässlich sind. Spot: @bike.kingdom Rider: @flumarugg / @nevingalmarini #GiroCyclig

April 9, 2020/by admin

Early morning take off! . . . This shot is from a campaign shooting we did last fall for and @girocycling and it‘s one of the shots that did not make it into the campaign coverage which is coming out soon. I like it very much though 😅 . . . Thanks again @egelmairphotography for the work! . . . #unitedbychrissports #girointhewild #giro #lovetheride #rockymountain #raceface #evoc #onza

April 8, 2020/by admin

Staying at home means more fun with my twin boys! Here‘s how you can still get a workout in 🙌🏼💪🏼😅 . . . #staystrong #stayactive #stayhealthy #stayathome

March 26, 2020/by admin

Flatten the curve 👍🏼 . . . Shot by @helge_woell back from 2014 #flattenthecurve

March 20, 2020/by admin

Looking forward to be high-fiving you guys again 🙌🏼 Until then I‘ll stay social distant 👋🏼😉✌🏼❤️ #socialdistancing . . . #throwback to @fissnowboard World Cup @engadinscuolzernez 2018

March 19, 2020/by admin

#throwback to when I pretended to be a rockstar but actually had no idea 🤷🏻‍♂️ . . . Shot for @blicksport ✌🏼

March 6, 2020/by admin

Unforgettable 👆🏼 . . . #olympicchampion #gold #twoyearsago

February 24, 2020/by admin

6 years ago @sochi2014 . . . #olympics #silver #olympicgames #swissteam #switzerland

February 19, 2020/by admin

It‘s (too) warm outside… makes me dream of this 👆🏼 #engadinized #scuolmountains . . . 📷: @filipzuan

February 1, 2020/by admin

🏂 . . . #engadinized #scuolmountains #unitedbychrissports . . . 📷: @oceanagalmarini

January 22, 2020/by admin

Happy new year everyone!

December 31, 2019/by admin

Another one from last Sunday #sportsawards . . . With #spartacus himself @fabian_cancellara . . . #olympicchampions 📷 by Rémy Steiner for @schweizer_illustrierte

December 19, 2019/by admin

The King 👑 Gratulation @chrigustuckioffiziell zum Sportler des Jahres 2019! . . . @srfsport #sportsawards #srfsportsawards

December 16, 2019/by admin

Ein ganz anderes und lockeres Interview mit mir gibts ab sofort im @unsportlich.podcast zu hören! Hört rein… es wird lustig 😅🙌🏼 ・・・ #Repost @unsportlich.podcast ・・・ @nevingalmarini kämpft sich gerade von einer Rückenverletzung zurück. Ziel: WM-Titel 2021 💪🏻 Ansonsten: Zweitkarriere als Model 💁🏼 @oceanagalmarini 📸 • • • #king #alpinsnowboard #snowboarding #olympiasieger #podcast #interview @swissolympicteam @snowboardalpineteam @fissnowboard

December 11, 2019/by admin

I miss home… 🏔 . . . Currently I‘m doing lots of physio sessions in Magglingen and the good thing is: I feel a lot better and it‘s only been three weeks since the surgery 💪🏼 . . . I look forward to spend some time in @engadinscuolzernez over the holidays BUT I‘ll try to stay away from all the cookies! 🙈 . . . 📷: @dominik_taeuber

December 8, 2019/by admin

I wish my team mates all the best for tomorrow’s @fissnowboard Worldcup start in Russia. Kick ass and bring home some trophies! 💪🏼🏆🔥 . . . @snowboardalpineteam 🤘🏽 . . . I‘ll be at home watching the YouTube livestream 🧐 Go Switzerland 🇨🇭!

December 6, 2019/by admin

A fan edited this cool clip from some old videos of me. I like it, thanks for the work 🙏🏼 ! I thought I share it with you 😉👌🏼do you like it as well? ・・・ #Repost @jycompany90 ・・・ 📷 TEST SHOOT~!! #jycompany #snowacademy #theempire #freeedgeteam #koreaalpineridercafe #휘닉스파크 #웰리힐리 #웰리힐리파크 #KAFR #라룸초보 #사진수정놀이 #FreeFilm #a6300 #모델

December 5, 2019/by admin


November 27, 2019/by admin

WE’LL STOP WHEN YOU STOP! @girosnow | . . . I made this clips during my last training camp in Sweden when my back was still okay 😅 The thing I wanted to show is the incredibly easy way to change lenses with the Giro Contact goggle. It‘s the best system I know and believe me: the lens never fell off, not even in a crash! . . . Sorry for the unfinished editing and no background sound. I had other stuff to do (like waking up from the surgery) 🙈😜😂 . . . #unitedbychrissports #advertisement

November 19, 2019/by admin

I have some bad news regarding my back situation. After we thought to have it under control, things went south pretty fast during last weeks training camp in Sweden. I had a lot of pain and loss of power in my leg. After assessing the damage the doctors suggested to do surgery as fast as possible to avoid any long-term issues. So I decided to go with the surgery with the best doctors at Universitätsklinik Balgrist. That happened yesterday. Looking forward it‘s not sure whether I will be able to compete or not in the upcoming season. I am taking it day by day and focus on putting in the work to get back to full health.

November 15, 2019/by admin

It‘s already a year that I‘m driving this gold-wrapped Audi S4. A dream car that I got for the Olympic gold medal. I thought for sure you guys want to see it too! I think it‘s siiick!! Thank you @audischweiz , you are amazing! . . . And thanks a lot @egelmairphotography for the shot! A worthy piece for my #500th instagram post 🙌🏼 . . . @snowboardalpineteam @swissskiteam

November 3, 2019/by admin

When I won my first Swiss Champion title 🥇 Can you guess the year?

October 4, 2019/by admin

We have some new shaped flowtrails in Scuol! Fall has just only begun and your bike still wants to shred 🤘🏽 ・・・ Repost @bergbahnenscuol ・・・ Check out the new shaped flow trail from Motta Naluns – Clünas – Alp Laret – Ftan. Thanks to all the shapers for their great job! 🎥 . Rider: @nevingalmarini, Video by @coca_naeff.

September 30, 2019/by admin

Working on my moves… still far away from perfection. #motivated 🤘🏽🏂💨🔥🔥 . . . 🎥: @dawijnk

September 28, 2019/by admin
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