What the current weather makes me dream about! #dustytrails 🤘🏽 . #unitedbychrissports #purealpinetrails #mottanaluns . . : @egelmairphotography

March 29, 2021/by admin

When you realize that this is actually your job . #grateful . Another perfect film production day with @egelmairphotography for @oxesssnowsport in @bergbahnenscuol / @engadinscuolzernez

March 24, 2021/by admin

A big #thankyou to the team for the support throughout the season! Special thanks to our staff: Coach @dawijnk technician @davemueller94 physio Daniel Stucki and coach Felix Stadler. @snowboardalpineteam 🏼🏼 . @swisscom @helvetia.schweiz @raiffeisen_ch @bkwag @skoda_switzerland

March 22, 2021/by admin

11th @fissnowboard Worldcup @berchtesgaden 🤨 . . . : @mihamatavz

March 20, 2021/by admin

Last @fissnowboard Worldcup of the season with this homie @dariocaviezel . We‘re qualified for finals in 6th and 8th position. Full send ahead!

March 20, 2021/by admin

Good news: There will be a @snowboardcarvingcamp this year! April 8 – 11, 2021 in Scuol, Switzerland All details and booking on . . . @engadinscuolzernez #carving #camp @oxesssnowsport #oxess @allflexplate #allflex

March 15, 2021/by admin

Is it already time again? 😎 . . . : @oceanagalmarini

March 11, 2021/by admin

P6 @fissnowboard Worldcup in @unitur_resorts . Today‘s race was similar to basically all my PGS races this season: I am fast, I am consistent but there is a tiny little bit missing for the podium. Good news is: I know what to work on 🏼 . . . : @mihamatavz

March 6, 2021/by admin

🧚🏻‍♂️🤦🏼 . . . No injuries taken. All good, not even a sore neck this morning. Thanks for the messages! . : Keystone

March 3, 2021/by admin

Out with a bang! . Todays conclusion: – Mindset: 10/10 – Execution: 7/10 – Hard facts: 9th place in PSL – Also important: Still keep smiling in defeat. Well done @dariocaviezel 🏼

March 2, 2021/by admin

5th place at World Championships in PGS = happy me! . . . Tomorrow PSL – full gas 🏼 . : @mihamatavz

March 1, 2021/by admin

Ready for maximum SEND! . . World Championships tomorrow live 13:55 on @srfsport #SRF2 . . . : Benjamin Soland / @blicksport

February 28, 2021/by admin

Good day to be a snowboarder 🏼 . . . @oxesssnowsport @deeluxeboots @allflexplate @girosnow #wearecarving #girointhewild #unitedbychrissports

February 26, 2021/by admin

In five days on Monday and Tuesday it‘s #WorldChampionships time in @rogla2021 🤘🏽 . I look forward to race on the slope where I won my first @fissnowboard Worldcup 🏼 . This banger shot is from that special race in 2017 🖤🤍 #wearecarving

February 24, 2021/by admin

#mondaymotivation . . . : @fissnowboard / @mihamatavz

February 15, 2021/by admin

Wie cool ist denn das? Die Fernfachhochschule Schweiz FFHS bietet ab kommenden Sommer einen neuen Bachelor an: den BSc in Betriebsökonomie UND Sportmanagement! Optimal für aktive Spitzensportler, aber auch für alle Interessierte des Sports-Business. Mehr Infos auf . . Repost @myffhs . . Sport auf Spitzenniveau und gleichzeitig studieren? Profisnowboarder Nevin Galmarini schafft dieses Kunststück🤸‍♂️ und bringt Sport und Studium unter einen Hut‍. Du bist auch sportbegeistert und möchtest in einem Studium deine Leadership- und Managementskills hervorholen? Die Bachelor-Studienrichtung Betriebsökonomie Sportmanagement kombiniert die betriebswirtschaftlichen Grundlagen und das sportökonomische Know-how und bildet dich für Tätigkeiten im Sportumfeld aus. 🏼 #sportmanagement #betriebsökonomie

February 11, 2021/by admin

A tough week in Russia comes to an end. I crashed, I made mistakes but I also made some good turns here and there. Today‘s 16th place in the Slalom @fisworldcup_bannoye2021 was a step in the right direction though. I knew it‘s not gonna be a walk in the park to be back in the worldcup and I‘m ready to continue the fight 🤘🏽 . . . #wearecarving #snowboard #racing #unitedbychrissports #girointhewild . : @paveltabarchuk

February 7, 2021/by admin

Next destination: Bannoye . . . #snowboarding #racing #aroundtheworld #wearecarving @snowboardalpineteam @fissnowboard . : @dariocaviezel

February 1, 2021/by admin

In search of the speed… haven‘t really found it this time. And it got even worse: a crash in qualis ended my day early. . Anyway thanks a lot @russian_snowboard_federation for the great city event in Moscow 🏼 #wearecarving . And also a special thanks to @vicwild who borrowed me one of his race suits as my baggage did not arrive in time. I absolutely loved it to be all black for a day 🤘🏽 . . . : Alexey Kulagin / @fissnowboard

January 31, 2021/by admin

What it takes to do the perfect turn. Thanks @lematindimanche 🏼 . Only for my french speaking friends 🏼 . Le #virage #parfait 🏻‍

January 27, 2021/by admin

🤘🏽 . . . #snowboarding #racing #parallel #carving #worldcup #wearecarving #girointhewild #unitedbychrissports #engadinized #scuolmountains . : @keystone_sda_sport

January 22, 2021/by admin

#RACING . . . #slalombaby #wearecarving #snowboarding #parallelslalom #snow #unitedbychrissports . : @fissnowboard

January 15, 2021/by admin

Time for a #break from snow after an intense week with three @fissnowboard Worldcups. The body deserves some rest. . No rest for my mind though: I have to focus on an exam on Saturday called „Economics and Management of Innovation“ for my Master of Science at @myffhs 🤓 #studentlife . . . : Keystone / Gian Ehrenzeller

January 13, 2021/by admin

Quite the impact.. too bad only on my knee and not in the race. Rank 18 in @visitbadgastein and missing finals by 0.15 sec.

January 12, 2021/by admin
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