👫🥐🍉☕️😋 . . . @belvedere_hotels_scuol #engadinized . . . 📷: @dominik_taeuber

August 17, 2019/by admin

So cool to see my kids growing up and watch them understand more and more things each day. My home is very important to me and that‘s something I want to pass on to my kids. We‘re trying to spend as much time in my home, the Engadin, as possible. And while we‘re here, it‘s amazing to stay in such a nice place as @belvedere_hotels_scuol . . . #engadinized #scuol #engiadinabassa #home #village . . . 📷: @dominik_taeuber

August 15, 2019/by admin

It‘s here: The SLAYER 🔪 #allkillernofiller . . . I am more than stoked to ride the all new @rockymountainbicycles Slayer on my home trails in Scuol. What a beast 🤘🏽 . . . Thanks for the support @rockymountainbicycles @bergbahnenscuol @engadinscuolzernez you are awesome! . . . #slayer #enduro #freeride #scuolmountains #engadinized #bike #trails #lovetheride #unitedbychrissports . . . 🎥: @coca_naeff 🙌🏼

August 13, 2019/by admin

I‘m speaking about my Bachelor study and how to combine it with professional sport on September 4th in Zurich. Come by if you are considering to start studying too ✌🏼🙌🏼 ・・・ #Repost ・・・ Wie weiter nach der Matura – ist dir das auch noch nicht ganz klar? Finde Antworten an der Maturandenmesse am 4.9. in Zürich 💡😊 Snowboard-Olympia-Sieger @nevingalmarini wird als Keynote-Speaker von seinem Bachelor-Studium an der FFHS berichten. @togetherag . #deinziel #studyatffhs

August 6, 2019/by admin

Happy 1. August 🇨🇭🎆 . . . #fondue #raclette #schoggi #waswotschnomeh

August 1, 2019/by admin

Nice one 🙌🏼 It‘s just awesome to have such a cool sponsor! This pic is from a shooting we did together last summer 👌🏼 ・・・ #Repost ・・・ Innovativer Protektorrucksack mit hervorragendem Tragekomfort und maximaler Belüftung. Das Ergebnis aus zehn Jahren Erfahrung im Bereich Rückenprotektor-Technologie und die Zusammenarbeit mit @danny_macaskill ist das revolutionäre AIRSHIELD-Protektorkonzept, das ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit mit überragendem Tragekomfort für ambitioniertes Enduro-Fahren auf einen Nenner bringt. Erhältlich bei den Program Stores: mehr zum Rucksack: #Evoc / #CHRISsports / @evocsports

July 31, 2019/by admin

The fun is real! . . . 📷: @filipzuan . . . @engadinscuolzernez @bergbahnenscuol #engadinized #scuolmountains #bike #trail #enduro #unitedbychrissports

July 22, 2019/by admin

#multitasking . . . 📷: @dominik_taeuber

July 18, 2019/by admin

One family #justmarried . . . . . 📷: @egelmairphotography

July 10, 2019/by admin

Smashing corners on epic trails during day 4 of @transmadeira 🤘🏽Leaving the comfort zone was scary though on two extremely wet stages… One more day and five more (dry?!) stages to go. . . . 📷: @duncanphilpott

June 7, 2019/by admin

I was not sure 🤷🏻‍♂️ of what I was getting myself into by starting in a five-day enduro mountainbike race, but it is truly awesome 😁! I just focus on having fun on the trails, the time is secondary. Amazing though how 📷: @duncanphilpott makes me look fast in the picture 😜😅. #lookprorideslow #teamdespacito

June 6, 2019/by admin

Trans Madeira beauty! @transmadeira . . . 📷: @samneedham_photo

June 6, 2019/by admin

I‘m here in Madeira to do the five-days enduro race Trans Madeira @transmadeira ⛰🚴🏽‍♂️😜🤘🏽 It‘s gonna be wild, super challenging and a lot of fun! I‘ll keep you posted along the way ✌🏼🙌🏼

June 3, 2019/by admin

Here‘s a random old snowboard pic for you as I‘m going to post a lot of mountainbiking content next week 🙈. Stay tuned 😜! . . . @engadinscuolzernez @bergbahnenscuol . . . Night photo session with 📷: @highflycam

June 1, 2019/by admin

Aus- und Weiterbildungen sind doch das beste Investment für das Leben, oder? 🤓 Deshalb mache ich nach meinem Bachelor gleich mit dem Master of Science 👨🏼‍🎓 in Business Administration mit Vertiefung in Innovationsmanagement an der Fernfachhochschule Schweiz weiter. . . . Das Anmeldefenster für ein flexibles Teilzeitstudium (Studienbeginn im Sommer) ist noch ein paar Tage offen! Check das Angebot unter @myffhs / . . . #keineausreden #fingerusenäh #ffhs #studium #flexibel #teilzeit #digital #fossilstyle

May 30, 2019/by admin

Send-o-meter: 💯 . . . 📷: @andographie delivering perfect timing on the klicker on the way down Little Champery. Btw: Ando wants to become a full time photographer – check his profile to see his work. . . . #littlechampery #enduro #lovetheride #unitedbychrissports #raceface #evoc #giro #finaleligure #lookprorideslow

May 24, 2019/by admin

It was a pleasure to speak about „How to perform at your best in high pressure situations“ in front of clients of @deutschebank 💪🏼 I enjoyed sharing my experiences and look forward to giving more presentations in the future.

May 7, 2019/by admin

Trail surfing 🏄🏽 . . . @rockymountainbicycles | @girocycling | @onzatires | @raceface | @evocsports | | @wf.winforce . . . 📷: @arnogalmarini

April 30, 2019/by admin

High Speed Compression, Low Speed Rebound, Spring Rate, Dampening… sometimes I just get lost when I adjust my bike‘s fork and shock 🙈 . . . The guys at @suspensioncenter definitely know what they are doing! Now it feels shred-ready 🤘🏽 . . . Thanks Gery for dialing my rig!

April 25, 2019/by admin

Progress 👍🏼 . . . #lowerback #rehab #pistols #newbalance

April 23, 2019/by admin

Looking forward to an awesome bike summer! 🤘🏽 #lovetheride

April 16, 2019/by admin

What‘s the superlative of #badass? Jeff Brushie @jeffbrushie did this method grab during a giant slalom run back in 1992!! 🤘🏽🔥🔥🔥 Whatever his run time was – he‘s still winning! #inspiration 📷: @budfawcett

April 15, 2019/by admin

The ultimate test? You‘ll find this black slope in @bergbahnenscuol 👌🏼

April 13, 2019/by admin

About last weekend in Scuol… . . . Three days of carving, coaching and chatting with 50+ hardbooters at this years Snowboard Carving Camp @snowboardcarvingcamp Thanks to my fellow worldcup riders @gloriakotnik @sabineschoeffmann @zankosir @alexanderpayer @sebastiankislinger for the help! . . . On to the nineth edition next year 🤘🏽 Check if you‘re interested 🙌🏼

April 8, 2019/by admin
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