When is the next event, and where on the planet is it?

12.12.2020 Cortina d’Ampezzo ITA World Cup PGS injured
17.12.2020 Carezza ITA World Cup PGS 7.
08.01.2021 Scuol SUI World Cup PGS 7.
12.01.2021 Bad Gastein AUT World Cup PSL 18.
13.01.2021 Bad Gastein AUT World Cup -Teamevent PSL
24.01.2021 Davos SUI Swiss Championships PSL 2.
30.01.2021 Moskau RUS World Cup PSL 32.
06.02.2021 Bannoye RUS World Cup PGS 18.
07.02.2021 Bannoye RUS World Cup PSL 15.
01.03.2021 Rogla SLO World Championships PSL
02.03.2021 Rogla SLO World Championships PGS
06.03.2021 Rogla SLO World Cup PGS
20.03.2021 Berchtesgaden GER World Cup PSL
21.03.2021 Berchtesgaden GER Worldcup – Teamevent PSL
8.-11.04.2021 Scuol SUI Snowboard Carving Camp  fun only